Mel C.

Team Member at Mount Allison University

Class of 2020

Hometown: Ontario, Canada

Major: Geography

Minor: International Politics

How have I changed since coming to Mount A...

Is that I have become more of a people person. Mount A has given me opportunities to meet so many amazing people that I love to hang out with, and I know I will be friends with forever

I chose Mount A because...

It provided a small school atmosphere that I was not able to find in any school where I am from. The campus liaison who came to my school also provided so many great stories and examples of how much of a community Sackville and Mount Allison was that I knew I would find a home here...and he did not disappoint! 🙂

Favourite Mount A memory (so far)...

Has been the succession of snowball fights that my friends and I had during our first winter at Mount A. Whenever there was enough snow on the ground we would have snowball fights on our way to meal hall and it made the winter really fun!

My favourite thing to do in Sackville is...

To eat!! Sackville has so many great restaurants and cafe's! Song's Chopsticks has amazing Korean food, Cranewood Bakery has fantastic coffee and cakes, and The Vogue cinema has THE best movie theatre popcorn I've ever had!

I'm passionate about...

Cat Dogs Playing Cards Reading Watching Movies Cooking

I'm involved with...

The Pond Teaching Assistant Model United Nations
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