Grace S.

Team Member at Mount Allison University

Class of 2020

Hometown: New Brunswick, Canada

Major: Psychology

Minor: Biology and Women's and Gender Studies

How have I changed since coming to Mount A...

I came into university very timid and shy; I had a lot of life changes before moving in and that left me more nervous than ever. Since starting, I have done a 180. My grades have improved, I've become more confident in myself, and I've broken my comfort zone.

Advice I would give to incoming students...

Be open. University is a time to try new things, like joining a really cool club on campus! Do things that make you uncomfortable, go to social events alone, talk to your professors. Things like this help you not only grow as a student, but as a person.

Favourite Mount A memory (so far)...

First year Shinerama. I received some bad family news on the way to our destination and everyone I was with made me feel so much better. Without even knowing me they gave me love and support, and I knew I was at a school with amazing people.

I chose Mount A because...

Of what it had to offer. A cute campus, small class sizes, hands on learning, and many more.

I'm passionate about...

Women's and Gender Studies

I'm involved with...

Drew Nursing Home Children's Wish Rotaract Health Care Outreach Residence Social Chair Orientation Commitee Orientation Crew Student Life office
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