Gregory P.

Campus Ambassador at Mount Allison University


Class of 2025

Hometown: Kerala, India

Major: Aviation

How have I changed since coming to Mount A...

The solid change I have experienced entering Mount A being so far from home is being independent and building a structure for my life. The end line of every challenge I have met with turned out to be a light of success, for which I am really proud of.

I chose Mount A because...

I am getting whole town to start my journey of a four-year degree program, regardless of the size of the town and university. Mount A had a perfect blend of interdisciplinary programs to make my degree more interactive and achievable in future.

My favourite thing to do in Sackville is...

Exploring the town, capture moments by photography and meeting new people is something which makes my day in Sackville.

Favourite Mount A memory (so far)...

My favorite memory in Mount A so far is when I got the opportunity to represent my club to conduct a yoga session for kids in MTA Summer camp, seeing all those beautiful smiles made my day.

I'm passionate about...

Video Editing Enactus MASSIE Conversation Partner Photography

I'm involved with...

Enactus Yoga Club
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