Clare M.

Campus Ambassador at Mount Allison University

Class of 2020

Hometown: Nova Scotia, Canada

Major: Psychology

Minor: French

Advice I would give to incoming students...

Go to class! Even if you’re tired or busy, the easiest way to not fall behind is to be in class while material is covered; it’s a lot easier to ask questions and get clarification for things you don’t understand. Another piece of advice I would give to incoming students is to take your time and relax! You don’t have to pick your major, extracurriculars, or even your friend group right off the bat - let all those things shift and change around you like they tend to do, and you’ll end up knowing exactly who you are and what you want to do.

How have I changed since coming to Mount A...

I’ve grown into myself and become more comfortable in my own skin, and I’ve met a really amazing group of friends (whom I cherish deeply) who’ve done the same in their time here. I’ve learned that I’m a songwriter, I’ve learned to relax, and I’ve learned to accept every failure as an opportunity for growth. (I’ve also bought Blundstones!)

My favourite thing to do in Sackville is...

Go for a walk in Waterfowl Park, listen to live music Ducky’s or Thunder and Lightning, or buy some fresh produce and baked goods at the farmer’s market!

Favourite Mount A memory (so far)...

A spontaneous birthday potluck for myself and a friend at my house with roommates and friends where one of my roommates had secretly bought us a cake! We cooked together, ate together, went to yoga together, and came back and had cake and just enjoyed each other’s company for a few hours. There have been a lot of other highlights in my almost-four years at Mount A (see: O-Week, the massive blizzard in my first year where we got five feet of snow, and performing at the Ascars in my second year), but this one is the fondest for its simplicity and tenderness.

I'm passionate about...

Songwriting and Performing French Developmental Psychology

I'm involved with...

Teaching Assistant Creative Collective LINKS Let's Talk Science A cappella Elliott Chorale Conduct Becoming
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